Saturday, August 14, 2010

From the center of the universe to no-mans-land

Day 9 of the Young & Stupid, YES! Road Trip:

Another night of no sleep and we were about to drive for 12+ hours. What.A.Mistake. I got everyone up for one final time. We were all sluggish, half because we were tired and half because it was over. We quickly packed and headed down to the car to load it up. The boys were going to catch a bus to Vermont to go stay with one of Sam’s friends. It was all happening very fast.They left us before we were even done packing the car. I gave them long hugs because I didn’t know when I would see my foreign brothers again. They were leaving. We were leaving. Amy and I had sort of took care of them and I wanted to know that they were going to be okay. I told them to call if something went wrong. Franco made some joke that made me smile. I felt like crying. Sam seemed to have been holding back his emotions. He was very short with the good bye. Amy and I were both sad.

We got on the road. Amy and I both maybe got 3 hours of sleep. Our plan was to take I95 all the way to South Carolina and then cut over to Sumter. After we got out of the city, we hit up a convenience store for gas and caffeine, Lots of caffeine. We took turns driving about every 2 hours. We were both so so so tired. I started playing some of my episodes of This American Life I had put on my ipod for this occasion. I was glad Amy liked it. She drifted in and out of consciousness while I drove and I did the same when she drove.

Somewhere in Virgina we hit traffic, stand-still traffic. It was amazing because there wasn’t even a service road to turn off to to try and avoid it. We put the car in park for awhile and traded places again. We ended up talking to the car next to us that said it was beach traffic but according to our road maps, the Virgina Beach was like 4 hours away. We went a little crazy in traffic. Thankfully we had gas. Once we started to move a little and see some civilization we got the fuck off I-95. We lost about 2-3 on our trip. We ate Chili’s and complained about I-95 and Virgina. We kept saying “What the fuck” over and over.

With our tummy’s full we got back on the road. The landscape from Virginia all the way through to South Carolina all looked the same. Trees and road. Amy and I continued to take turns driving every couple of hours. My brother, Andy, my sister-in-law, Marsha, and my dad were expecting Amy and I to be in South Carolina for dinner around 7 or 8. I had been calling my dad all day updating him on the traffic situation and I told him not to wait for us and to just eat without us. He insisted that they wait for some reason. We didn’t actually get there until about 10:30. Andy was a little cranky from being hungry. Amy and were a little sick from being in the car and were thankful for another home-cooked meal. While I caught up with Marsha, my dad talked Amy’s ear off. We ended up crashing about midnight or so, hoping to be refueled for the next day, the longer day of driving.

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