Monday, August 16, 2010


Day 11 of the Young & Stupid, YES! Road Trip:

Unfortunately Amy had to be at work later tonight so we left Houston in hopes to get back to Austin with a enough time for her to relax before her shift. Originally we thought we could make it all the way last night but it was better that we didn’t. The drive from Houston was comically short in comparison to what we had been doing, we were averaging like 300 miles a day but still longer than we wanted. Other than being complete exhausted, I was feeling good about being home. I went away this summer to get away from my life, to find something new and I did. Even though last summer on Jessica’s and my west coast road trip our goal was to have a life epiphany, it didn’t necessarily happen. However this summer, without even trying I think I had one. I feel like my head is clear. I’m feeling confident that I”m going to do what’s right for me. I’m going to work hard. Also on top of everything I have a new fondness for Texas and everything Texan, including me. My whole life I haven’t really been proud to be from Texas. I even taught myself to not say y’all. But after this summer in small-town Texas and then traveling across the country, I realize that Texas isn’t that bad at all. It’s actually pretty great.

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