Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Young & Stupid? YES. Have Fun! Road Trip

I have been working at a camp all summer where I have become close to several people. Yes, that’s right, I actually made friends. Two of my new friends, Sam and Francesco, needed a ride to New York City and wanted to see America, or what the counselors’ at camp call it ‘Merica, so we all decided to drive up to New York together. It actually wasn’t that simple: Francesco convinced me to go on this road trip and really I was very reluctant at first. Now I don’t have a car and did not want to have to drive back from New York by myself, but thankfully my friend, Amy, wanted to come. Once Amy was on board I felt a little more at ease.

When we were still in the planning stage, I was talking to my dad about it. My dad really likes road trips, he hates planes. I thought it would be fun to get some road trip advice and for him to get AAA to send me some maps because I don’t use GPS’s. Our conversation went something like this:

DAD “So do you have any money for this trip”
SARAH “umm sorta but no”
DAD “Who’s car are you taking?”
SARAH “not sure. We’ll figure it out,”
DAD “So basically you’re young and stupid?”
SARAH “yes”
DAD “Have Fun!”

THUS this trip will be called The Young & Stupid? YES. Have Fun! Road Trip!!!

I won’t be writing a blog for this trip. Not enough time and I don’t want to bring a laptop. I might bring a journal and jot some things down but no promises.

If you have any advice or have a place to let us stay, please let me know.

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Our rough Itinerary:

Fri 08/06/10 (day 1) – Destination Houston / Kingwood
Leave Hunt, TX at 5:00 pm
Arrive in Austin, TX at 7:00 pm
Meet up with Amy
Leave Austin at 8:00 pm
Arrive in Houston at 10:00 pm
Meet up with Drew? Ryan?
Stay with Amy’s parents

Sat 08/07/10 (day 2) – Destination New Orleans
Leave Houston at 10:00 am
Meet up with Drew? Ryan?
Arrive in New Orleans 3:00 pm
Meet up with Andrew?
Stay with Amy’s Friend?

Sun 08/08/10 (day 3) – New Orleans
Meet up with Andrew?
Voo Doo Queen?
Have fun!
Stay with Amy’s Friend?

Mon 08/08/10 (day 4) – Destination Memphis and Nashville
Leave New Orleans at 7:00 am
Arrive at Memphis at 1:00 pm
Leave Memphis at 7:00 pm
Arrive in Nashville 10:00 pm

Tues 08/09/10 (day 5) – Destination Washington DC
Leave Nashville at 1:00 pm
Arrive in Washington DC at 11:00pm
Stay with Angie? Hotel?

Wed 08/11/10 (day 6) – Destination Washington, Philadelphia
Leave Washington DC at 7:00pm
Arrive in Philadelphia 9:00pm
Hostel? Hotel?

Thu 08/12/10 (day 7) – Destination New York City
Leave Philadelphia at 12:00 pm
Arrive in New York City 3:00 pm
Meet up with Alan?
Stay with Amy’s grandparents?

Fri 08/13/10 (day 8 ) – Destination Sumter, SC
Leave New York City 10:00 am
Arrive in Sumter 11:00pm
Stay with Sarah’s brother

Sat 08/14/10 (day 9) – Destination Austin (Home)
Leave Sumter at 12:00 pm

Sun 08/15/10 (day 10) – Austin (home)
Arrive in Austin at 4:00 am

That’s me dancing while driving… because I’m excited.

I’m really excited. Hopefully this will turn into one of those trips I tell my kids about when they aren’t really listening to me.

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