Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 days in counting

I'm leaving on my west coast road-trip with my sister, Jessica, in four days. I was hesitant to blog about my thoughts, sightings, stories because I wanted to keep them to myself until I was back. Call me selfish. I might even blow this off two days in. Also I hate the word blog. However, I started to like the idea of having something that could share my experiences with - that my friends and family could read and feel like they were all there with me.

I'm saying this now: I'm not a writer. I always wanted to be a writer when I was young but the whole structure of it all bogged me down. So don't expect poetry and brilliance. These will just be my ordinary prose. If you want something wonderfully insightful, go read Jessica's blog at I'll probably just post a bunch of pictures on here because let's face it, I'm a little more interested in pictures than words.

I'm still a little overwhelmed with how to prepare for this endeavor. I haven't really even thought about what to pack. Jessica left today from Boston headed west. She's suppose to meet me in Seattle on Friday. I'm getting into Seattle on Thursday. I'm pretty stoked because we will be staying with one of my old friends, Michelle, who I haven't seen in years and who I love. I can't wait.

Oh right, you're probably curious if you don't already know...

Here is our working itinerary...(exact dates may change)

Thur 08/13/09 (day 1) – Seattle, WA
Fri 08/14/09 (day 2) - Seattle, WA
Sat 08/15/09 (day 3) - Vancouver, Victoria, Portland, OR
Sun 08/16/09 (day 4) - Portland, OR
Mon 08/17/09 (day 5) - Redding, CA, Crescent City, CA, Napa, CA
Tues 08/18/09 (day 6) – Napa Valley, CA
Wed 08/19/09 (day 7) - San Francisco, CA
Thurs 08/20/09 (day 8) – San Francisco, CA
Fri 08/21/09 (day 9) - Big Sur, Los Angeles, CA
Sat 08/22/09 (day 10) – Los Angeles, CA
Sun 08/23/09 (day 11) - San Diego, CA
Mon 08/24/09 (day 12) – Phoenix, AZ
Tues 08/25/09 (day 13) – Traveling (possibly back in TX)
Wed 08/26/09 (day 14) - Austin, San Antonio

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