Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wine wine everywhere, let's all have a drink

Today Jess and I took the journey down to see all that California had to offer as far as wine. The drive was a little stressful on my part because Jessica is a nervous driver especially on small windy roads on mountains. I was the one clutching to the door for dear life today. But we made it to some vineyards/wineries alive.

Napa Valley is beautiful. It's better than I had imagined. We went to a couple of different wineries, tried a bunch of wine and had a lot of great food. I even ate a grape off a vine. The people were so nice. We had such a good time, we're going back in the morning and early afternoon to check out more vineyards and wineries.

After all the wine we drank today and the great food, I'm really sleepy.

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  1. Sarah, as I mentioned to Jess.....try Tokay wine its very delicious and is or was my Favorite when I was younger and in the Produce Business........enjoy.........Love, Dad