Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Portland's Burnside

I should probably be sleeping instead of writing on here but I thought I would at least check in. Jessica and I arrived in Portland, OR today. Portland is beautiful but the people, atmosphere and culture feels a lot like Austin. I felt pretty at home here. Mostly I began to miss my bike and wished I could be biking along side the locals.

We checked out the Washington Park, Rose Garden and smelled the roses. We spent the rest of our day in the Burnside-Pearl district of the downtown Portland area. It's a pretty hip area. We did our thing. We spend over an hour in Powell's Books. We ate some great Thai food atThai Orchid.

We did see some local live music, Steve James (blues/folk/country), Eilen Jewel (folk/country) and then The Octopus Project (electronic).

uhhh I'm getting tired. We have a 7 hour drive to The Redwoods - uhg. Sorry this is a waste of a post. *insert some insightful thought here*

Hopefully Jessica's blog can fill in my blanks http://jess-roadtripadventure.blogspot.com/


  1. Sarah, your blogg is not a waste but a bonding with your sister.........enjoy the time and keep blogging I am reading and following.......Dad

    ps,,,,,enjoy California it has much to offer...

  2. Oh I didn't mean it was a waste of time, but I was apologizing for having such a half-assed post.

  3. holy cow I am excited for you to see the redwoods. They are more amazing in person than you can even imagine!!!