Monday, August 10, 2009

preparation and lists

things to make sure to pack:
*medication (allergy and BC)
*cameras (probably my Digital SLR and probably my analog SLR or my Holga, maybe my pinhole, I really can't decide)
*rechargeable batteries for camera(s)
*sun screen
*light jacket/hoodie/cardigan
*swim suit
*ipod and ipod charger
*travel books
*cell phone charger
*maybe a laptop

Things to do before I leave:
*charge battery for camera
*clear memory sticks
*get film for camera
*confirm lodging - calling and emailing friends
*get stamps (for postcards)
*get addresses of friends and family so that I may write them postcards
*add and edit playlists on ipod
*go snack shopping
*clean apartment
*transport plants to Hanna's house
*send Brodie off with Mom.
*print plane ticket

Personal things to do before I leave:
*get new seat, tire and tub for bike I'm trying to sell
*put ad out to sell said bike
*do some work at the Cage ie website work
*send some emails
*go out to drinks with friends (Nomads 10PM Wednesday August 12th)

am I forgetting anything?


  1. Sarah, you are OK, with your writing........keep it up...........don't forget CASH for incidentals Love, Dad

  2. Um Sarah, you're forgetting to post something on your "to pack" know what I'm talking about.....