Thursday, August 27, 2009

The long and winding road....

It's been a long trip home. Jess, Hol and I left San Diego at about 1PM in the afternoon on Tuesday and Jessica and I arrived in San Antonio at like 11AM on Wednesday. That's about a day of just driving. We took I-8 to I-10 the whole way. Somewhere in there we dropped Hol off, Casa Grande, AZ I think. I did the long driving. I drove from Tucson to San Antonio from about 8PM to 11AM (with an hour and a half break for sanity purposes). One of the reasons Jess and I did this was because everyone said we couldn't. So hear me now family: if you doubt us we will just work harder to prove you wrong. It's strange how much spite has motivated actions in my life.

When I was a kid, I had a GameBoy. I don't remember exactly which game it was, Zelda I think, but there was a game where when you looked at the map of your journey, it would be just a shaded block if you hadn't been there yet (or unlocked it). If you had been there it would be a more detailed map. My entire geographical life has felt like this map: I know there is a place under that shaded square but I can't really imagine what it unless I've actually been there and made sense of it on my own. This trip has filled in most of the Pacific Coast for me except I had already been to LA so that wasn't a new square.

Everyone keeps asking me the same things: Did you have fun? Yes of course. I had a blast. I wouldn't give it up for anything. I learned a lot about the world around me and about myself. This trip was exactly what I needed. I feel an overwhelming sense of clarity. Jessica and I are closer for it too. Are you glad I'm home? Yes. All good things must come to an end so that we can appreciate them. It is nice to sleep in my own bed again with my cat, Brodie. I get to go back to work on Friday and next week and I get to search for another job. Did you and Jessica fight? Well we had one outburst on the way to San Diego but I'm not a morning person and wasn't feeling well and feel bad about it. Everything worked out for the best though. Things were said that needed to be said. Were you glad that Hol came? I wouldn't change our trip. Having a third did liven things up and I did enjoy his company. Hol is family but that being said he and I know how to provoke each other. At times it got tense but I'm glad it all happened. What was my favorite place? I have to say that I think the Redwoods touched me the most. The beauty of it all consumed me. It was a place where pictures didn't do it justice. Not only was it visually beautiful but the sounds and smells are something I haven't found elsewhere. All of Northern California is amazing. Napa Valley was super beautiful and fun to visit. My favorite city might have been Seattle but mostly because I got to see and hang out with Michelle. I feel like I could easily live in Portland. I could see how San Diego is the happiest city in America (there was some survey somewhere that said San Diego, Austin, and I think some place random like Ashville are the cities where the people are the most content). So basically all of it was my favorite.

In my high school we were constantly told to Reflect. Our senior moto was even "reflect this!" After every big project or paper or test or trip, we were given the assignment of writing a reflection of how we felt about said project, paper, test or trip. As high schoolers we constantly rolled our eyes at this but I'm glad we did it. Those reflections are artifacts of how I felt about whatever in that specific time. That's how I feel about this blog. As I was writing it, I groaned and just wanted to get through it but now, I'm glad I have it to look at and remember. This trip helped remind me how loved I am and how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends. Thank you.

Thanks to all who read this and kept up with my journey. My brother, Andy, got a little annoyed with Jessica and I because he thought we were bragging on our blog. I hope no one thinks that is what we were doing because that is the furthest from it. We just wanted to connect with everyone and embrace the technology given to us. I stayed up late writing every night just so my friends and family got know what we were going through. I couldn't bring much back from my trip other than a smile and an empty wallet but I did manage to send out some postcards while I was traveling. To those of you who got a postcard or two or eight, please return the favor when you got out in the world. I have a wonderful collection of postcards and would like to continue it.

I feel like it's been such a long trip but in retrospect it has just been two weeks. Jessica and Dad leave tomorrow to head up the East Coast back to Boston. I'll be here reading her blog, traveling with her. I hope you do the same.

Thanks again all.


  1. I loved the Redwoods, too! I say let's go build a big tree house and live in it, and when we get bored we can travel to Napa get drunk and then go back to our magical tree house.

  2. Sarah, you and Jess did good I am very proud of both of you and of course for this discriptive blogg..............Love, Dad