Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rules of the Road

I've been making this mental list for the last week and I wanted to get it down.

Sarah's Do's and Don'ts of a Road Trip:

DO have a plan but DON'T freak out if it changes. DO your homework and know what you want to see but also be flexible.

DO go places you didn't plan to go. Take chances. It's especially fun when you see big signs for stupid attractions and then actually go check them out.

DO talk to locals just DON'T be a dumbass about it. DON'T tell people exactly where are you going or give every detail of your trip. It's important to talk to people and see what is going on in the area - where are the hot spots etc.

DO take every opportunity to learn about an area. Visitor centers help if you don't have a travel book.

DO pee every time you get a chance. Seriously it sucks having to have to pee and not have a good place to go. When you are driving through windy mountain roads, you can't always pull over.

DO eat local food. Check out farmers' markets. Try not to eat (or shop really) at places you could access in your home town.

DO drive quick and efficiently. Remind yourself that your car has nothing to prove. Yes truck drivers suck and people that drive BMWs are going to cut you off but just keep going.

DO plan ahead for lodging, be that calling friends ahead of time or making a reservation at a motel.

DO have fun. DON'T be lame.

anyone have any other suggestions or things to add?


  1. Sarah, good observations..........the rules of the road...............Welcome to the real life Love, Dad

  2. I think I want to add

    DO keep a sweater or hoodie handy just in case of colder weather.