Monday, August 24, 2009

LA LA Land

Today we got into LA and did the LA thing, which mostly consists of not moving in traffic on the freeways. We drove in from Santa Barbara taking the 101 into town. I took Jessica and Hol to Sid Grauman's Chinese Theater and we looked at all the stars and such. A man dressed up as Elvis cursed me and said that something bad was going to happen to me because I accidentally took a picture of him and didn't pay him. We walked around the area but then headed to Studio City to meet up with my film friends, Garrett Rowe and Brett Roach. We mostly sat around Garrett's apartment discussing food before we finally left and went to Jerry's Deli, apparently it's pretty famous. I called up Chris and Mariel who just moved to LA to meet us for some food. The food was pretty good but slow moving. We then headed to the beach taking the scenic route there through the hills and Mulholland Drive. I love Garrett because he's super informative. It was like having our own person tour guide. I'd like to think that Garrett is the most west coast person I know, even though he's not the stereotype.

When we finally made it to Santa Monica (the drive seemed to never end) we ended up checking out the pier and walking along the water. It was a relaxing walk along the beach. The Pacific Ocean is beautiful and we were lucking enough to have had a nice day outside. As my blood sugar dropped I suggested soft serve. We all sat under the pier, looking at the bubbles, listening to the people and crashing waves, eating our soft serve. After much walking and debate we somehow thought it would be a good idea to watch the sunset from the Observatory at the top of Griffith park so we headed back across town to check that out. We didn't make it to the top to see the sunset but it was still one hell of a view. The park and the Observatory is a perfect place to bring a date. There was so much to do. I didn't give ourselves enough time to fully explore the facilities.

The whole day took longer than we had expected. Our lodging plans for the night consisted of staying in Anaheim with high school buddy, Lucas. Anaheim is about 30-45 minutes away from
where we were hanging out so we bolted towards Lucas, so not to keep him waiting too long. When we finally got there, we were starving. Lucas and his roommates, Jeff and Analiese took us to Downtown Disney in hopes of food and drinks. HOWEVER everything was closing which annoying on many levels. I really felt like I was walking in hell, which was Disneyland. I was just so weak and hungry. Jessica, Hol and I couldn't stop laughing and acting like idiots. The delirium of the malnutrition must have set in.We ended up at Denny's and then their local dive bar. A drunk man even gave me his jacket for no good reason.

All and all it was a good day, a good long day.

Tomorrow San Diego and the San Diego Zoo! One of Jessica's goals for this trip was to see a Pacific Coast beach sunset so tomorrow will be that day, weather permitting.

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  1. Sarah, in San Diego, the best sunset is in the La Jolla area just north of the City, check in out...........Love, Dad