Friday, August 21, 2009

No internet in San Fran

Jessica and I got into the Bay Area yesterday after another day in the wine country. We met up with Hol in Oakland and he has been nice enough to take care of us. However, Hol doesn't have internet :( We went to this great pizza place. Oakland seems like the chill blue collar version of San Francisco.

Jess and I wandered the city today and we are currently in the Mission with Beto Juarez, an old high school friend. Thankfully Beto has internet :) We went to this place that apparently has "Best Burrito" in the country, El Metate. San Francisco is nice enough. I'm a little overwhelmed by the whole city. I felt at home in the Haight-Ashbury area but Jessica keeps making fun of me for feeling that way. If you don't know about the area then you won't get this. I never got to see the damn Golden Gate bridge but hopefully we can check it out on our way out of town.

Okay there are a bunch of people here and I'm being lame by writing in the blog.

Tomorrow - LA and Hol is coming with us!

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  1. Sarah, Iam glad that you and Jess are seeing the bay careful on the drive into LA.... Love, Dad