Saturday, August 15, 2009

Love is...

It was a beautiful day in Seattle, blue skies with some clouds and 60 something degrees. I slept in and got on the bus in the late morning. I headed into town to see Michelle and Ed at Guajillo's ( I didn't want to go in there for a lunch rush so I wandered around Pioneer Square for an hour or two with my ipod to keep me company. The area is full of a lot of history, color and great old buildings. I finally got to see Michelle and Ed in action at their restaurant and it was really a treat. The food was great and the place was still pretty busy even though the lunch rush was over. After I said my goodbyes I wandered around some more. There were some places that my travel book suggested to check out that didn't turn out to be much of anything. The best part of all the walking around was the people. I saw hippies that were kissing and probably having free love in the park after I left and I saw ultra political "Cause Heads" that were bad-mouthing Obama, happily supporting La Rouge. I saw a man peeing on a building and a woman watching. There was a construction working reading Camas. I even saw some Seattle rats. I met some really nice random people and musicians on the street. I let a man from Wisconsin take a picture of me (I then decided to take a picture of him). Later on I ended up taking the Tour of the Underground which was all right. I feel like I could teach about Seattle history between the tour and my dorky travel book I read on the plane. Did you know there is an underground city beneath the city you are familiar with? The whole area is interesting because there are a lot a speciality stores, like a store that only sells Mystery books or a store that only sells clogs and no other kind of shoe. I began to wonder if these were just fronts for their drug dealing. Seriously how many pairs of clogs can a person have? I don't think I'll ever actually need or want a pair.

I took the bus back to the house to meet up with Jessica (finally). My old friend, Amanda, stays with Michelle and Ed, met us at the door. We quickly caught up but went separate ways. Jess and I hung out, relaxed, and then headed back into town. We met back up with Michelle and Ed and ate at this really amazing Japanese restaurant, IMO, in Pioneer Square (that had real Japanese karaoke). The food, service and atmosphere were really great. When even got complimentary drinks. After the baseball, towards the end of our meal the restaurant back packed. We decided to grab a drink at this bar in Fremount that Ed liked. Now, Ed is a beer drinker. He teased me last night because I couldn't finish my beer. I think I got a little of his respect back when at IMO I downed a shot while Jess and Michelle spitted it BUT I think he wanted to see me actually finish a beer. I wasn't really sure what to order at the bar but I saw a New Belgium beer called Love. Love did not have a description yet, Love was not free. When we asked the waiter what Love was, he said, It's sort of sour. I thought, what the hell, and ordered it. Love is really hard to describe and hard to finish. We all tried Love but all made faces at it. In the end, I couldn't commit to Love enough to finish it.

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  1. Sarah, sounds like you and Jess are having a good time...........I thought Seattle was a modern city...........was I wrong, or the people the weird ones...................Dad